Independent Luxury Companion

Frequently Asked Questions

Wish List?

Some things I enjoy are -

Willow Stream Spa Gift Certificate

Although lingerie can be difficult to fit without trying if you'd like to attempt-I'm a size 34B and small panty. Size 9 shoe.

Holt Renfrew Gift Card

Air Canada Gift Card


Do you edit your photos?

No, aside from cropping my face, I don't edit my photos.
I prefer for you to have an accurate portrayal of whom to expect.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
No. I have my ears pierced and that's it. I like to keep my body naturally pure and beautiful.

What does your face look like?
I have been told many times that my face is one of my best features.  My smile and eyes are often complimented. I'm told my face is very vibrant and my eyes very intense!




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